Customer engagement review

We’ve found companies that excel when it comes to customer engagement see higher customer lifetime value and lower acquisition costs, which is crucial for long-term success. As brands rapidly rethink their digital-first consumer experiences in an ongoing Covid-19 pandemic—what does brilliant customer engagement really mean, and is your strategy driving tangible results?

Find out in our first annual 2021 Global Customer Engagement Review. We tasked Wakefield Research to conduct a survey to help marketers identify opportunities to improve their results. That improvement can be significant: More than half of the companies we ranked as most mature in our Customer Engagement Index exceeded their revenue goals for 2020.

Download the review to discover the best-in-class tactics leading brands like NBA, Grubhub, Headspace, Payomatic, and GOAT use to drive stronger LTV, retention and revenue. Plus, learn key metrics for marketers to measure their success against, and much more.

In this exclusive Braze review, uncover:

  • The top 3 customer engagement trends that matter in 2021
  • What defines brilliant engagement, and best practices to achieve it
  • Our Customer Engagement Index, which measures the maturity of brands’ engagement efforts and where they can improve
  • Successful campaigns that drive revenue, and the strategies behind them

The secret weapon that differentiates exceptional, enduring companies is the quality of their customer engagement, encompassing the full set of activities through which companies build direct relationships with their customers.

Bill Magnuson
CEO and Cofounder, Braze

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