Close Your Books As Early as Day 0

Today, we’re seeing an explosion of business models that have changed the way companies monetize their products and services. This is what has created companies like Peloton, which has reimagined the future of fitness, Apple, which now has a thriving iPhone upgrade subscription program, and even Stitch Fix, which now offers clothes for sale via one-time purchases as well as subscriptions. Even companies in mature industries like the manufacturing sector have capitalized on this trend, as Caterpillar now offers telematic services tied to the construction equipment they sell.

With Zuora Revenue, companies can now:

  • Automate revenue recognition for any business model, regardless of how much volume and how many complex bundled contracts they have
  • Accelerate their time to close the books from weeks to as early as Day 0
  • Build a predictable revenue forecast that wall street can trust