Busting Myths About SSO

In today’s identity management climate, single sign-on (SSO) capability is critical to the success of enterprise identity and access management (IAM). IT departments face growing demands: managing thousands of users, both internal and external, who each need access to an increasing number of cloud-based applications. Adding to this complexity is the fact that these users need this access at any time, wherever they may be, and on whichever device they choose.

Couple this with the fact that there are now millions of apps that could be streamlining your team’s operations. Innovation is constant, but teams can be limited to a select number of tools based on the overhead time it takes to set them up, ensure proper security protocols, and get users onboarded. SSO helps streamline this. Whether it’s provisioning, meeting compliance requirements, or simply reducing the number of help desk calls, SSO plays an integral role in efficient enterprise IAM. Here are some of the ways an SSO solution makes a true impact on your company’s productivity.

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