Building the Data Lakehouse

Explore the next generation of data architecture with the father of the data warehouse, Bill Inmon.

Bill Inmon, widely considered the father of the data warehouse, heralds the birth of the data lakehouse, ​​which makes efficient ML and business analytics possible directly on data lakes.

According to Bill, the data lakehouse presents an opportunity similar to the early years of the data warehouse market. The lakehouse’s unique ability to combine the data science focus of the data lake with the analytics power of the data warehouse — in an open environment — will unlock incredible value for organizations.

Get your copy to discover the 5 key steps to building a successful data lakehouse: 

  1. Start with the data lake that already manages most of the enterprise data

  2. Bring quality and governance to your data lake

  3. Optimize data for fast query performance

  4. Provide native support for machine learning

  5. Prevent lock-in by using open data formats and APIs

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