Building a Learning Strategy That Delivers Business Outcomes

Addressing employee skills gaps is a high priority for executives, especially with many employees leaving their current roles as part of the Great Resignation. Workplace learning is a vital initiative to help address these concerns. But it’s not always easy for learning and development (L&D) and technical leaders to draw the connection between always-on employee learning opportunities and tangible business outcomes.

The typical metrics associated with a learning program’s success often focus on usage, which doesn’t really represent the deep impact learning can have on the business. To make a case for learning and position themselves as strategic advisors to the company, learning leaders must articulate how their initiatives tie to significant, organization-wide results.

In this ebook, L&D and tech leaders will learn: 

  • Which learning-related business outcomes executives care about most.
  • How to build a learning strategy that delivers clear business outcomes.
  • Why standard learning metrics aren’t indicative of the impact learning has on organizations.

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