AR-Enabled Field Service – Industry Report

According to Future of Field Service, Gartner predicts, over 50% of field service management deployments will include mobile augmented reality collaboration and knowledge sharing tools by 2025—up from less than 10% in 2019. This growth can be attributed to the expanding use cases of AR in field service. Initially, AR in field service was seen as a tool that removed barriers during diagnostic procedures. Today, the same technology is being used to provide remote assistance for faster issue resolution, train and onboard contractors and employees at an accelerated pace and provide customers with new self-serve options.

In a study by WBR Insights and Librestream,  over 100 field service executives  were interviewed to understand AR adoption rates in the industry and what steps organizations are taking to improve their business outcomes through AR.

This report offers insights on:

  • The pace of AR adoption
  • The impact of IoT-enabled devices and AI-driven computer vision
  • Critical use cases of the technology and the benefits organizations can expect to unlock
  • Strategies to implement, leverage, and scale AR to meet your business goals
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