2021 Pulse of HR Report

Leading in a New Era: HR Leaders’ Challenges, Priorities, and Predictions for the Modern Workplace

The fifth annual Paychex Pulse of HR Report provides an in-depth look at how HR professionals are contributing to the success of the companies they serve. Despite the fact that seven in 10 HR leaders say this has been one of the most challenging years in their career, HR professionals are still integral to the strategic decision-making in their organizations. Nearly eight in 10 HR leaders say they are a strategic partner within their company and continue to be involved in C-suite conversations about new business initiatives.

The 2021 Paychex Pulse of HR Report uncovers how HR professionals are:

  • Engaging HR technology to reach company goals
  • Leaning on training and development to build and retain their workforce
  • Evaluating and improving employee benefits to remain competitive
  • Keeping pace with new and evolving laws and regulations
  • Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives
  • Planning for and managing the return to the workplace

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